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Oregon violin maker / luthier John Hill is a skilled craftsman in violin, viola and cello making. He is well versed in restoration and repair though currently his focus is in making instruments only. His interest in violin making started in 1997 and after making several instruments initially on his own, began to seek out a formal violin making program. As fate would have it, in 2001' he found instead a rare opportunity to study under internationally acclaimed and award winning violin maker John Harrison, of Redding, CA. Since that time, now almost two decades later, John Hill is still refining his art by careful study of the diverse and varying elements that interplay in a well made instrument. "It is a life long study but with every violin that I make, my goal is to create an instrument that in form is crafted artistically (in the Italian tradition) and in function is created with the greatest attention in detail towards ease of playability and the type of sound quality that is sought by serious artists." In 2003' he won first prize tone award for a large viola (VMAAI). He is currently selling direct through his own shop in the Medford and Ashland, Oregon area and Roland Feller Violin Makers in the bay area as well as Tom Metzler's Violin Shop in Los Angelos. Member - VSA
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